Why Affiliates Who Run PPC Campaigns Fail Miserably

A common problem for affiliates who run PPC campaigns is they spend mahnee on kleeks but never make seyls.


First, they don’t know the bullseye keywords that buyers (not freebie seekers) are looking for.

Then, they pick the wrong bidding strategy and burn through their budget fast.
But let’s say you do the above 2 steps right.

The visitors you drive to your offer still need to be primed.
They need to be thinking “this is for me!” and happily click the buy button.

Unfortunately, most peoples’ campaigns are not at that level.

Instead of making seyls from the first day, they just waste mahnee and have nothing to show for it.

As you can hopefully see and understand, an art and science to making komishins with PPC trapheek.

You need to put in the hours if you want to figure things out.

This way you can start making seyls on the same day you start your campaign.

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Vadim Tarshis

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