Having Email List vs Becoming An Instagram Influencers

There’s literally hundreds of millions of dollars floating on the internet…

And they’re up for grabs by people who know how to work smart (not hard).

I see a ton of people, especially younger crowd, bring the “work hard mentality” to the internet and try to exchange their time for money by doing freelancing.

But there is an easier way to tap into the internet goldmine.

It’s same as farming, or throwing seeds into the ground in the fall, or sowing. On the internet I call it e-Sowing.

And it’s a real simple thing anyone can do… even if they don’t have a lot of money or web skills.

You know how social media influencers get paid to tweet and post on Instagram?

Well… the first thing you should know is that social media influencers need to have massive followings to get paid. They also need to post a lot to engage their audience.

They just sow the seed of knowledge about some product or service in people’s minds through the social media site.

Once people want to know more about this product or service, the seed ‘begins to grow’. That’s what the farmer would say, the seed would start taking a life of it’s own.

But did you know the same businesses and brands that pay influencers to post on social media are paying even more money, according to Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. To people who have big email lists, who don’t even have a social media profile… in exchange for just 10 minutes of their time?


Because on average every dollar they give to a list owner with potential buyers on the list returns them $42 in their business. So it’s a win-win.

You can do the same.

Grab this training for details.

Vadim Tarshis

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