Uh oh. Be wary of THIS.

I get a lot of emails I NEVER read and I always just delete them.

I’d immediately see the sender… and click delete.

And POOF – I’d delete it into oblivion.


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So that had me thinking.

When I was building my first list I really really cared about what my subscribers thought about me.

I was practically afraid to upset them in any way.

And I was very careful about not selling too much and giving them value before I even offered anything for sale.

And you know what?

You know what I discovered?!?!

You CANNOT please everyone and you will drive yourself insane if you try.

In fact, not only can you not please everyone, but no matter what you do there’s always someone out there that’s not going to like it.

If you’re selling, someone will call you greedy for always trying to pitch them stuff.

If you’re giving away content, someone else will tell you it’s bad or you suck, or whatever.

You simply can’t win with every single person on your list.

It really bothered me for a while.

And after a while, I’d learned that no matter what I did, the bigger my list got, the more of these folks I’d hear from.

Turns out, some people can be upset by practically anything.

And the lesson to me was, even though that vocal minority might have some crappy things to say to me or about me, there were more people saying nice things.

There were far more people giving me thanks and showing appreciation.

These days, I’m not scared to piss off someone on my list.

These days I don’t worry about upsetting subscribers because I know that no matter what I do, someone is gonna dislike it.

Someone is gonna unsubscribe.

And if they don’t unsubscribe but they email me with choice words or call me names or whatever – I get a chuckle out of it – and then I unsubscribe them personally.

Forget about wasting your mental energy on people like this.

Remember that you’re in a business to help and get paid for it.

So, your email marketing should reflect that.

Make sure you’re selling and if anyone on your list doesn’t like it, well, unless they start paying for your autoresponder services for you, they can just leave😉

Finally, the shortest path to profit online is right here in front of you.


To your success,

Vadim Tarshis

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